Friday, 28 June 2019 Kish Island
In one exceptional day in Kish Island, World famous and renowned American Speaker Dr. John Maxwell will be Speaking for one full day to over 2000 top Iranian Business leaders and CEOs. John is the author of over 70 books, and has been repeatedly called as “World’s Number One Leadership Guru” by American Management Association and famous Journals such as Inc. Magazine, Business Week, and Business Insider.
Thursday, 6 December 2018 Tehran
One of the top 100 personalities of the world based on one of the world's most trusted magazines, “Time”, alongside Barack Obama and Angela Merkel...
17 August 2018 Tehran - Iran
Nick Vujicic, one of the most inspirational speakers in the world who has spoken to 400 million people, is coming to Tehran for the first time.
19-20 July 2018 IRIB Int'l Conference Center
The most updated methods on how to increase and retain customers at the time of recession will be taught by the best international speakers.
1-2 Feb 2018 IRIB Int'l Conference Center
The 10th World Management Forum will be held with 5 international top-notch speakers and 800 senior managers and the main concepts of customer service and Customer Relationship Management.
15 December 2017 IRIB Int'l Conference Center
The inventor of “Mind Mapping”, Tony Buzan, will teach you on how to benefit from the unlimited boundaries of the brain and experience the enormous power of creativity, innovation and problem-solving in your life.
2 Nov 2017 (Sales) - 3 Nov 2017 (Marketing) Tehran
Many struggling salespeople have gone on to become the top sales professionals in their industries after just one session with Brian Tracy, and so can you!
14 - 15 September 2017 IRIB International Conference Center
Strategy is important to make decisions, conduct operations, attract customers, compete successfully and attain organization’s goals.
3 - 4 August 2017 IRIB International Conference Center
Sixth International Conference on Sales and Marketing Management
16-17 Feb 2017 IRIB International Conference Center
The 9th World Management Forum
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