Educational Programs

Brazil Tour

Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro - Brazil 9 to 16 January 2022
On a trip to one of the most powerful economies in the world and one of the developing countries of South America, leading and successful CEOs of the country will spend 8 days from ...

Seychelles Island Mindfulness and Meditation Seminar

Seychelles Island 7 to 12 Nov 2021
The rapid pace of global development and change in the intellectual and work frameworks of CEOs on the one hand and the increase in instability...

South Korea Intl Study and Business Trip

South Korea 9-15 Sep. 2018
This Practical and educational tour will develop managers’ skills and vision by benchmarking from the world’s most renowned organizations.

Japan 2nd Intl Business and Study Tour of Lean Management

Japan (Tokyo & Osaka) 13-20 May 2018
Training and developing skills have always been the main focus at the creative and forerunner organizations and without doubt the most profitable and topnotch global companies have managers in constan...

South Africa Intl Study and Business Trip

Cape Town - Johannesburg 21-28 Jan 2018
This int'l study and business trip will provide the delegates with the opportunity of visiting, benchmarking and learning about South African companies’ great successes and developments, industries, a...

Intl Workshop on Strategic Leadership

Tehran 5 Nov 2017
Brian Tracy will be speaking and tutoring on the new innovative methods of organizational and individual leadership

Modern Marketing and Business Breakthroughs in the New World

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai 5 October 2017
This phenomenal, intense, information-dense conference by the legendary globally-renowned speaker...
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