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This phenomenal, intense, information-dense conference by the legendary globally-renowned speaker, the world’s Network Marketing founder and the bestselling author “RANDY GAGE”, is a program that every entrepreneur, CEO, and high-level executive need to attend. In this thought-provoking seminar based on his bestselling books Mad Genius and Risky Is the New Safe, Randy lays out his vision for what it will take to prosper in the new economy.


  • Learning to deal with the evolving technology, social media and disruption
  • Learning to survive and succeed in the ‘new reality’
  • Learning to predict future challenges and the opportunities they offer
  • Learning to design breakthrough products or to disrupt an entire industry
  • Improving conventional thinking and unleashing entrepreneurial brilliance
  • Learning new innovative management skills
  • Discovering the secrets to foster creativity, innovation and productivity
  • Learning to gain market shares and boosting profits

Speaker Subject

  • Throw Away Your Business Plan
  • Create the Future
  • Network Marketing
  • Unleashing Entrepreneurialism
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