Pat Mesiti
Speaker :Pat Mesiti
In one exceptional day on Oct. 10th in Tehran, World famous and renowned Australian Speaker Pat Mesiti will be Speaking for one full day to over 1000 top Iranian Business leaders and CEOs.

Pat is the author of over 20 books on wealth creation and ways to raise fund such as “How to Have a Millionaire Mindset”, and “Dreamers Never Sleep”.

During the 4x75 minute sessions Pat will talk and speak about the latest findings, and discoveries of wealth creation, while there will be Farsi translation (interpretation) provided for non-English speakers of the forum.

Speaker Subject

Pat Mesiti
Pat Mesiti
  • Some topics which will be covered:
  • 7 techniques and methods for Attracting Wealth and Money to Life
  • 12 irrepressible habits of the world's top billionaires
  • The main path to progress in wealth
  • Develop your own value, and also the value of your net wealth
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