Joe Vitale

  • The most discussed teacher, and speaker of the Secret movie with more than view
  • The author of more than 20 of popular and best-selling books in the World such as “Zero Limits”,” The Greatest Money Making Secret in History”, and “Attractor Factor” with a selling rate even higher than Harry Potter.
  • Presence and speaking at Larry Kings reality show on CNN channel, with more than 500 million viewers, also other popular educational movies such as “Discover the blessing”, “The Compass”, and “Balanced Life”.
  • Speaking in more than 1000 international conferences in 56 countries, and the funder of “Hypnotic Marketing” concept.
  • Holder of the nickname "Internet Buddha" because of the design and sale of the" Sales Training Program ", the sell worth $ 450,000 in only 3 days.
  • The most well known and famous master of education in the world for the success and attraction of wealth, and also money management for the last 30 years
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Joe Vitale
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