The Impact We Create...
Our Economy is built by our industries,
Our Industries are built by our companies,
Our Companies are built by our managers.

Hamayesh Farazan Company as the most predominant international event organizer in Iran has designed and executed more than 150 big international events within the last 20 years.
This company holds the most updated and largest required equipment for conferences such as sound and video devices, and simultaneous translation equipment which can thoroughly fulfill any conference needs.

Hamayesh Farazan Company has thus far planned and executed educational business tours for top Iranian managers and entrepreneurs by the contracts it held with the world’s forerunner companies i.e. Toyota, Montblanc, VW, Mercedes, Airbus, Zara, Schindler, Lindt, Sennheiser, Vodafone etc. to Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and Japan. Over 500 top Iranian managers and entrepreneurs have attended these tours and further developed their managerial skills. 

Holding internationally accredited joint academic degree programs of DBA and MBA from the best and most well-known universities of the world by the topnotch international lecturers in Tehran is as of the other activities of this company which enables the ambitious Iranian managers to save a significant amount of money and time.

Benefited from strong close relationships and connections with the most well-known network of professors, authors and keynote speakers worldwide, Hamayesh Farazan company has hosted 300 topnotch international speakers in Iran to date. Speakers such as Brian Tracy (the author of “Eat that frog”), John Gray (the author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”), Jack Canfield (the creator of “Secret”), Allan Pease (the author of “The Definitive Book of Body Language”) and many more, having been invited by Hamayesh Farazan, spoke for hundreds of people at conferences.
Being awarded numerous international prizes, appreciation certificates and trophies by the presidents and chairmen of Agribank, National Iranian bank, Tejarat Bank, Labour Ministry, Organization of the Endowment of the Country etc. are of this company’s achievements thus far.

Value system

Respect:We respect everyone, ourselves, YOU, and all around us. We smile at you as our customers, YOU are always right. We respect our partners, our speakers, and consultants more importantly ourselves. We are on the mission of respecting everyone every day.

Responsible & Responsive:We are all responsible about all our organizational processes. All deliverables, and all the inputs and outputs. We all support each other, and support you as our customer and partner. We are responsive. We take responsibility for everything around our business. We never condemn anyone for anything. We shoulder everything within our business. Hence everyone does count on us. We respond immediately to your needs and demands.

Different and Distinctive: We appreciate being different, we challenge the conventional wisdom, and stay innovative and creative. We favor distinctiveness, and being seen as a result of being totally different. If all our competitors move to the right we will move to the left. We believe only a dead fish will follow the current and flow of the river.

Knowledge & Insight Promoter: We bring the best and latest data, case studies, and life and business experiences around the world to our customers to expedite their journey of life. We create the best insight, and wisdom for you based on the latest teachings and experiences by some of the world’s best companies, speakers, and trainers. We facilitate change for the better in you and your Company.

Thankful & Appreciative:We are thankful to God, to you and to ourselves for the beautiful life we are all experiencing. God’s will has put us in touch with you, we impact your life and that’s the best feeling for our company. We are absolutely and 100% appreciative for that. We appreciate the Ups & Downs of our business like any other businesses. There is every reason, every day and in every place to stay thankful. We highly appreciate our relationship with all our partners, customers, and suppliers. We are thankful to all of you. We believe the more we are thankful for what we have; we will have more to be thankful for.

Teamwork:We are all links of one chain. Our chain is as strong as the weakest link. We do support every single members of our team, we believe in each other’s capabilities, and potentials. We are a team because we have a dream. We work as a group, and under every circumstance we will stay together, for each other, and for our Goal.

Our path of success have gone through your Support and Encouragements.

  • The trophy of Industry of Champions at the 8th National Festival of Industry Champions
  • Platinum Technology prize from the Quality Association of France
  • Customer Delight prize from the World’s Sales and Marketing Association
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Mr. Sajadi, President of Shahid Mostafa Khomeini Institution)
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Deputy Minister of Labour
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the President of Keshavarzi Bank
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Deputy of the Expediency Council
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Members of the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Iran
  • And many more ...
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