Martin Lindstrom

One of the top 100 personalities of the world based on one of the world's most trusted magazines, “Time”, alongside Barack Obama and Angela Merkel. He is the recipient of the Marketing and Branding Genius award for helping the growth and development of 3 of the world's leading brands, Coca Cola, Nestlé, and Red Bull. He also is the author of numerous books on branding, marketing and consumer behavior. Many of his books, including the book "Buyology", "Brand Sense" and "Brand Washed", have been translated into more than 50 different languages, including Farsi.
Martin has spoken to more than a million people in 77 countries about "Branding and Marketing" and has twice been a key speaker at the Davos World Economic Forum, along with the most famous economists and presidents of the world.
In 2016, the famous website and magazine, Thinkers50, nominated Martin for the third consecutive year as of the top 20 thinkers and global business leaders of the world, and his articles on branding, marketing and consumer behavior has been numerously published in the most prestigious scientific journals such as Harvard Business Review and Time.
As the vice president of the world's largest telecommunications company, "British Telecom", at the age of thirty, he made a tremendous development and a unique success in the company’s branding, marketing, sales growth, and communication with its customers.

Martin Lindstrom
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