Tony Buzan

The English author, educational consultant, and the inventor of the idea of mental literacy and a thinking technique called “Mind Mapping”. He is known as one of the top 5 best speakers by Forbes magazine and has written over 100 books of which many have been bestsellers worldwide and translated into more than 50 languages.
He is the founder and the president of the “World Memory Championships” and the “Brain Foundation”. Tony has invented unique and exceptional techniques and ways on benefiting further from the power of mind for the organizations’ managers and leaders globally during his 40 years of study and research; as well as the astounding methods of creativity, innovation and distinctive thinking which have thus far been used by over 250 million people worldwide.
Companies such as BP, Walt Disney, HSBC, IBM, and Microsoft, benefit from Tony’s training sessions and conferences.
Tony’s numerous books such as “Mind Maps”, “Use your Head”, “the power of Verbal Intelligence”, “the power of Spiritual Intelligence”, “the power of Creative Intelligence”, and “Speed Reading”, have been continuously published in Farsi and a number of 500,000 of them have been sold thus far.
Managers who have used Tony’s Mind Mapping method, have experienced more than 50% improvement in their decision making, problem-solving, and efficiency.

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Tony Buzan
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