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Seychelles Island

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7 to 12 Nov 2021

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Seychelles Island Mindfulness and Meditation Seminar

Why Seychelles Island Mindfulness and Meditation Seminar

The rapid pace of global development and change in the intellectual and work frameworks of CEOs on the one hand and the increase in instability, ambiguity and COVID-19 pandemic on the other hand have put a lot of pressure, stress and anxiety on decision makers and CEOs of organizations along with their employees and manpower. Forbes Magazine estimates that in 2021, COVID-19 pandemic will impair 78% of managers' mental and physical health and negatively affect their productivity and effectiveness by up to 80%. Insomnia, depression, reduced life and work satisfaction, many family problems and instability in mental health are the consequences of pressure, stress and ambiguities facing managers. In the United States alone, 83% of employees suffer from work stress and it is estimated that depression and absenteeism at work result in $ 51 billion in financial losses to organizations and the death of 120,000 people.

In this seminar and 6-day trip to the beautiful Seychelles Islands, 3 world-renowned professors will teach managers the tools, strategies and methods of managing stress, anxiety, relaxation and mindfulness, and living with a purpose, and eventually will give them a transcendent vision and attitude.

The purpose of holding this seminar for the third time in a row is to create hope, positive will, constructive attitude and reduce stress and depression of managers and ultimately increase productivity and improve managers' work and family relationships.


Lecture and educational topics:

  • 12 tools and models for managing stress and anxiety and creating peace of mind and physical and mental health
  • The role of nutrition and the impact of food on the performance and thoughts of managers, strategies to benefit from a healthy diet with the aim of increasing confidence and productivity
  • The framework for creating constructive communication and managing the relationship between mind, heart (emotions) and soul and increasing coherence between them
  • Creating a bright and positive future by forgiving and forgetting the past and managing the pain and suffering of the past in life
  • Ways to experience mindfulness and Living in the present moment and get rid of the burdens of the past
  • Thanksgiving exercises and creating a positive attitude and ways of forgiving others and relaxation
  • Getting to know the architecture of a happy and healthy lifestyle, a life full of joy and happiness with a healthy and beautiful body
  • 8 solutions for eliminating mental pain, improving internal energy, overcoming internal pain and reduce stress

Speakers Introduction

Jackie Woodside

Jackie Woodside

The popular Amazon website has named Ms. Woodside four times as the best-selling author of psychology books. Jacqueline has been a clinical psychologist in the United States for over 30 years and  Inc. Magazine also chose her book "Calming the Chaos" as one of the Top Ten Motivational Books to read

Reg Lenney

Reg Lenney

One of the top 10 inner peace and life optimization coaches in the United States for 30 years
Personal development consultant and coach of more than 300 athletes and prominent film actors with speeches in 35 countries at more than 500 world meetings and designer and producer of 40 online and television programs in the field of mental and physical health
"Reg! Many people either claim or try to be a therapist, but you are truly a professional and unique therapist." (Pierce Brosnan)

"Thank you for changing my life." (Susan Sarandon)

Nigel Risner

Nigel Risner

Author of the book "Impact Code" and the speaker at more than 1000 meetings and seminars in the field of psychology and positive communication and former chairman of the Professional Speaking Associations (PSA) in the U.K
Best Speaker chosen by The Academy of Chief Executives

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