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IRIB Int'l Conference Center

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1-2 Feb 2018

10th World Management Forum

About the “10th World Management Forum”

In the 10th consecutive year, having had hosted more than 50 international speakers and 8000 influential senior managers, the 10th World Management Forum will be held with 5 international top-notch speakers and 800 senior managers from all around the country.


The main concepts at this year’s forum are customer service, customer experience, customers club and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), in order to provide new innovative methods on improving customer relations, increasing sales and the profitability of organizations.

According to the world’s statistics, up to the year 2010, the majority of the world’s forerunner organizations were retaining customers only by having their products quality and services constantly improved.

Based on the latest studies and research at Harvard University, 42% improvement in customer retention, 32% sales increase in additional services and 33% increase in customer satisfaction will be gained only by 10% improvement and investment in “CX” (customer experience).

The Importance of Attending the “10th World Management Forum” based on the Latest Statistics

  • There are 26 dissatisfied silent customers as for every single customer complaint
  • One single dissatisfied customer in the year 2017, will inform 9 to 17 other customers of their bad experience
  • There are 12 positive experiences required on average to eliminate one single bad experience for a dissatisfied customer
  • 80% of the customers believe that the trained sales agents of the organizations have the biggest responsibility in delivering exceptional customer services
  • 50% of the customers are prospects of making more payments when experienced “Exceptional Customer Service”
  • The probability of making sales to the existing satisfied customers is 60% - 70%, whereas it is only 5% - 20% to the new possible customers
  • 6 to 7 times more budget and time is required to make a new customer compared to retaining the existing old customers
  • 88% of the customers whom their complaints have not been taken into consideration will refuse to buy from the respective organization

Speakers Subject

  • Selling Delight and Satisfaction to Customers and Conquering the Hearts and Minds of the Customers
  • Connecting with the Customers in less than 90 seconds in order to Make them Happy and Satisfied
  • A Customer-Centric Organization to Increase Sales
  • The Undeniable Power of Creating Incredible Stories around your Brand and Organization
  • Creating a Brand Hero in the Market - a Famous Brand in Empowering, Inspiring and Making Customers Engaged
  • E-support, Benefitting from Artificial Intelligence and Technology, Zara Brand Case Study
  • Methods of Delivering Exceptional Consistent Customer Service to all Customers on Daily Basis
  • Building a Customer-Centric Culture using Kotter Model

Speakers Introduction

Nicholas Boothman

Nicholas Boothman

  • “One of the Leading Experts in Face-to-Face Communication in the World” based on New York Times
  • The Author of 10 Bestselling Books in the World, including “How to Make People Like you in 90 Seconds or Less” and “How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less”
  • Customer Relations Consultant at Coca-Cola, Revlon and AT&T
  • "A Truly Inspirational Speaker in the World" based on The Economist
Marc Gordon

Marc Gordon

  • He has Earned the Title of “Canada's Marketing Superstar” by the Oprah Winfrey Network
  • One of the World’s Top 100 Marketers on Twitter
  • Customer Service and Customers Club Consultant at Canada Post and Johnson&Johnson
  • The Author of “High 5 for Business” Articles (within the Customer Delight Field) at the most Visited Customer Service Magazine in the World
Felix de Iturriaga

Felix de Iturriaga

  • Customer Service Director at ZARA
  • Director of Sales and Customer Service at Telefonica for 2 years
  • The Former Director of Market Development at Inditex Group (Bershka, Massimo Dutti and ZARA) in the USA for 5 Years
  • The CEO at GOCCO, Clothing Company with 260 stores and 600 Personnel in Spain
Joseph Sherren

Joseph Sherren

  • Sales and Customer Service Manager at IBM for 25 Years
  • Management Professor at York University in Canada and the Author of 3 Well-known Books, including “Vitamin C for a Healthy Workplace”
  • The Head of the “Professional Speakers Association” and the Speaker of Over 1000 International Conferences in 40 Countries
  • Customer Service and Sales Consultant at Air Canada, Walmart, Universal Studios, and UBS Bank
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