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IRIB Int'l Conference Center

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19-20 July 2018

7th International Conference on Sales and Marketing at Recession

The most updated methods on how to increase and retain customers at the time of recession will be taught by the best international speakers.

At this Conference You will Learn:

  • The Methods on Increasing New Customers, Retaining the Existing Customers, and Creating Customer Loyalty Programs
  • 5 Simple Steps on Making a Friendly Relationship with the Customers and Finalizing the Deal
  • The Influential and Magical Words in Convincing, and using the “Influence Triangle” in Sale
  • Buyers are Liars! Identifying the Buyers’ Tricks in order to sell more and easier to them
  • Distinctive Sale! The New Psychological Methods and Regulations for the Sellers
  • Identification of seven behavioral indicators in humans to understand emotions and decision making processes in purchasing
  • The 60-second Character Identification Method and powerful interviewing and leading effective sales negotiations
  • How to make Interesting stories to avoid the war Price and Make sales at High and Expensive prices
  • The New Methods and Techniques of Pricing

Speakers Subject

  • Stand Out Selling - The New Rules for Salespeople
  • Have Your Best Sales Year Ever! - Buyers Are Liars! Understand The Tricks They Use Against You
  • The Role of World Class Marketing.
  • How to Develop Financially Quantified Value Propositions
  • How to Read your Customers and Detect Deception
  • Build Trust with your Customers and Watch Profits Soar
  • ETHOS-PATHOS-LOGOS for Excellence in Selling
  • The new frontier - moving from customer transaction to customer encounter
  • Someone has to be the most expensive - why not make it you?

Speakers Introduction

Quinton Coetzee

Quinton Coetzee

  • One of the Most Famous Personalities at the “Discovery” Magazine and TV Channel in the Field of living in African Tribes and Animals
  • 30 Years of Experience in Analyzing the Life of Lions, Giraffes and Jackals, and Making their Life Examples into Success Lessons at the Recession in Today’s Business World
Martin Butler

Martin Butler

  • The Author of 3 International Books in the Field of Sales and Retail, “the Art of Being Chosen”, “It’s Not About Us, It’s All About Them”
  • The Director of Customer Service and Sales at “Saatchi” and “Grey” for 30 years, and the Managing Director of the Biggest Private Advertisement Company in England
  • The Sales and Branding Consultant at Mitsubishi, Royal Mail, and Barclays Bank
  • 10 Years of Interviewing with the Managing Directors of over 100 Distinguished Retailers in the World, i.e. Harrods, Zara and Amazon, about their Success Stories
John Cremer

John Cremer

  • An Expert in Recognizing Personality Types in Sales Negotiations and the Creator of Identifying Personalities with the Astronomy Science
  • The Author of “the Art of Reading People” and “The Art of Improvisation”
  • The Awardee of the Best Speaker of the Decade by the Directors Academy
  • The Educational Consultant at Samsung, HTC, Roche, Uniliver, Microsoft
Frank Furness

Frank Furness

  • One of the Most Inspirational Speakers in Face to Face Sales, Online Sales and Marketing in Social Media
  • The Founder and the Managing Director of Online Sales Company by 22 Websites and Youtube Channel with more than 6000 Customers
  • A Member of the Speaker Hall of Fame and the Sales Consultant at Panasonic, Zurich Insurance, Visa, ING Insurance and Natwest Bank
Sandro Forte

Sandro Forte

  • The Author of “Dare to be Different” with a Total Sale of 400k in 60 Countries
  • A Member of the MDRT (the Million Dollar Round Table)
  • The Creator of the Professional and Guaranteed Program of Increasing Sales by 30% in 90 Days and in 18 Countries
  • The Sales and Marketing Consultant at Apple, BMW, Microsoft, AXA Insurance and HSBC Bank
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