Tony Buzan
Speaker :Tony Buzan

Why the Conference on Mind Mapping?

A mind map is a strong figurative and coloured technique which provides the key to unleash the outstanding power of the brain. It allows you to benefit from the unlimited and unused boundaries of the brain and experience the enormous power of creativity, innovation and problem-solving in your personal and work life.
Mind map is functional in all aspects of life and provides clarity in thinking, pace in learning, and logic in decision making, in order to increase and improve efficiency in performance.
A mind map is a coloured image including clearly illustrated figures and objects which is drawn as branches by asking key questions about a problem or an obstacle which creates new and exceptional ideas and solutions.

Speaker Subject

Tony Buzan
Tony Buzan

First Session: Mind Mapping

Second Session: Creative Thinking and Innovation Culture in Organizations

Third Session: The power of Mind and Memory

Fourth Session: Multisensory Intelligence and Associations

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