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Japan (Tokyo & Osaka)

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13-20 May 2018

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Japan 2nd Intl Business and Study Tour of Lean Management

The Importance of Attending this Int’l Training Tour

Training and developing skills have always been the main focus at the creative and forerunner organizations and without doubt the most profitable and topnotch global companies have managers in constant training and learning. Therefore, one of the most crucial factors in developing managers’ skills and vision is benchmarking from the world’s most renowned organizations through practical experiences.

Spending a week with the world’s biggest industrial and economic players and Japan’s decision-making influential managers would provide an exceptional opportunity for the Iranian delegates to be equipped with world’s most recent business techniques, procedures, tools and ideas by changing their old traditional vision and mindset. It will enable them to direct their organizations with a new different vision and continue their activities in a more efficient and practical way by learning about the international trades and formulating value systems.

With over 12 years of experience in the field of international event organizing, Hamayesh Farazan company have succeeded in making the most updated international knowledge available for the managers through practical structures and will be supporting the managers and decision-makers of the country along this way.

Learning and benchmarking from the most developed managerial procedures and methods of Japan’s top companies will help the Iranian companies grow and develop further and strengthens their capabilities in the competitive market.

About the Japanese Partner, PHP Institute

Since the establishment of the PHP Institute in 1946, its research mission has been to investigate and promote ideas, theories, and policies that would contribute to the realization of the idea of PHP advocated by the founder Konosuke Matsushita. Today, PHP's research staff members largely consist of those who focus on studying the philosophies of the founder in the Kyoto head office of the Institute and those who are engaged in the study of policy issues in the Tokyo head office.

This Institute is located in two cities, Tokyo and Kyoto, with over 400 personnel and have published over 40000 books within the fields of management, psychology, prosperity and success.

Organizing educational conferences and events in order to retrieve success strategies and methods of management is as of their other activities.

Tour Benefits

  • Visiting Top Companies including Yamaha, Mitsubishi, Omron, Sharp, Toto and Nippon Steel
  • Participating in Management Training Seminars, with Simultaneous Translation to Farsi
  • Speeches by the Former Panasonic Managing Director and the Executive Manager at PHP Institute
  • Achieving an Accredited Certification from PHP Institute (Panasonic)
  • Flying with Emirates (A380) and Staying at the Luxury 5 Star Hotels in Tokyo and Osaka
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