Digital Currencies

Digital Currencies
Date : 2021/12/15 / Visit Count : 364
About Digital Currencies and Blockchain Conference:

On December 24 and 25, during 2 days, 3 international experts and professors in the field of digital currencies and blockchain will deliver 8 practical lectures in Tehran with the presence of 400 successful and capable managers of our country, the latest theories, trends and processes related to digital currencies. Extraction, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Metaverse (beyond the world) and Tokenization (conversion of physical assets to digital assets through blockchain) will be taught and the opportunities and challenges in this field will be clear to managers.

This international training seminar will present the numerous opportunities in the industry to the participants and will develop and update their skills and knowledge in one of the newest and most advanced specialized topics.
Lecture topics

    Introduction of 360-degree blockchain, getting to know this technology and its numerous applications
    Blockchain rules and regulations and the difference between private and public blockchain
    The Future of Business and Payments - Types of Tokens and Digital Transactions
    Bitcoin Mining - Challenges and Opportunities, New mining trends and New Bitcoin features
    How to use digital currencies - what is "Meta" and how does it build a new society?
    Bitcoin mining, the how and basic method in extracting and the amount of required energy
    Using 2 new processes in cyberspace "Tokenization" and "Metaverse"
    Familiarity with the world's leading virtual currencies and professional buying and selling applications


Jean Luc verhelst

    Author of the best-selling book "Bitcoin, Blockchain and Beyond" and Professor at IESEG France
    Member of the EU Blockchain Regulatory Commission and advisor to the EU Digital Currencies
    Recipient of the Best Master Thesis in Digital Currency and Blockchain in Belgium
    Head of Digital Currencies at Deloitte, the world's largest consulting firm


Alexander Bechtel

    Head of Digital Currencies and Assets at Deutsche Bank
    Graduate and professor of finance at the prestigious University of Saint Gallen, Switzerland
    Adviser on digital currencies and blockchain at the European Central Bank (ECB) and financial researcher at Stanford University
    Founder of the EU Digital Association and speaker in more than 40 countries


Levi Haegebaert

    Founder of the Bitcoin Association in Belgium
    Author of the book "Digital Currencies and the Future" and numerous articles in the field of bitcoin
    Speaker in the field of blockchain and digital currencies at more than 100 world conferences


Francisco Gordillo

    Co founder and head of research at Avenue Investment
    Advisor indigital bank of Credit Suisse

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