First Appearance of the Limbless Man, Nick Vujicic in Iran

First Appearance of the Limbless Man, Nick Vujicic in Iran
Date : 2018/09/05 / Visit Count : 1900

The International Conference on Personal and Organizational Change Management was held at Espinas Palace Hotel, with the outstanding speech by Nick Vujicic, one of the most famous motivational speakers in the world, on 17 August 2018.

The news of the astonishing attendance of more than 1800 people at the conference and Nick Vujicic, one of the most inspirational and most famous speakers in the world for the first time in Iran, was published by various publications and press in the country.

Nick has spoken in more than 60 countries and for more than 400 million people. Nick’s videos and audio files have changed and transformed lives of more than 1 billion people worldwide. He was born without limbs but he not only plays football and does swimming, but he also is a professional author, a driver, a cook and a skydiving coach.

3 of his bestselling books are “Unstoppable”, “Life Without Limbs” and “Stand Strong” which have been purchased by more than one million people.

Nick was named Australia’s National Hero in 2005. He is an accounting graduate and currently the CEO of one of the biggest charities in the USA.

Two internationally renowned speakers also gave speeches at this conference for 90 minutes each; Kriss Akabusi, the only holder of three Olympic medals in Track and Field tournaments in the world and the author of numerous books on targeting and self-confidence, and Carlos Escario, partner and faculty at GLP (Global Leadership Program), "Change Management Program" graduate from Harvard university, and strategy professor at C.E.U university.

Subjects such as the power of setting goals and planning techniques, the power of self-belief, self-love and an inspirational life, overcoming life’s obstacles and challenges and optimization of the inner self-potential, making the biggest dreams come true, the power of diligence, optimism and belief, the power of being thankful and understanding the supreme goal of living happily, overcoming the limitations and deprivation in life through management, power and creativity were taught during the four 90-minute sessions of this conference.

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