Future Leaders Forum

Future Leaders Forum
Date : 2023/04/16 / Visit Count : 164

Why to attend:

On Thursday 25th of May over 500 top CEOs, Business Leaders, Brand Owners and Entrepreneurs are gathering at amazing Palazzo Versace hotel in Dubai
to improve, update and develop their skills, understanding and knowledge about business transformation and leadership.

Following the series of leadership events organized by Impacters Global Events with many top and famous speakers including Robin Sharma and Dr. John Maxwell
this time Martin Lindstrom the legend of Branding, Marketing and Leadership will be in Dubai live to speak, teach and entertain the transforming leaders.

Over two decades Lindstrom and his team have challenged companies from almost every industry — toys, retail, postal services, shipping, banking, food, beverage, pharma, automobile, and fashion to rediscover their core and transform themselves. Lindstrom always starts with the customer, but what follows consistently breaks the rules of conventional thinking.
His unusual method proves itself resilient within even the most stubborn organizations.

In this conference, packed with behind-the-scenes, first-hand observations from some of the most remarkable business transformations in the world, Lindstrom introduces a ready-to-use framework, suggests simple and memorable metaphors, and merges it all into a captivating narrative.

He will have the audience on the edge of their seats, leaving them eager to transform their own businesses. As Lindstrom says: Sixty-five per cent of the jobs today’s 12-year-old will do when he’s grown don’t exist today. So, why would yours, unless you change … right now?

What you will learn:

In 3 eye-opening presentations, Lindstrom goes underground with his audience. He shares first-hand recordings of disastrous customer interactions
and, yes, surprised managers and CEO’s who thought everything was perfect. These 3 highly thought-provoking presentations are packed with videos and case studies,
placing a revealing mirror in front of the audience.

What makes Lindstrom’s presentations unique is that it’s hands-on, based on his personal experience designing, implementing, and monitoring some of the world’s most successful customer journeys, including the Walt Disney theme parks, Swiss International Airlines, Burger King, Maersk, and Dorchester Collection, the operator of the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Bel-Air Hotel, and many other luxury properties around the world.


- How to reinfuse hope into an organization that began, decades ago, to lose its nerve, nimbleness, and entrepreneurial spirit.
- How to ensure that great conceptual thinking and big ideas don’t drown in politics, bureaucracy, compliance — with a lot of talk but no action.
- How to balance the short term (going from red to black) and the long term (the big idea) without losing the interest of the board, senior management, and investors

  (Session 2)

- The optimal, highly cost-effective way to design a unique customer journey.
- The pitfalls few think about but which, if avoided, can save your organization millions.
- The small, yet highly strategic, steps you should take first in order to immediately generate results, build momentum, and save money.
- Best practices from completely unrelated industries, and what you should learn from their innovate ways of handling customer experiences.

  (Session 3)

- What it takes to create a powerful culture, reverse poor staff morale, and attract top talent.
- About common sense initiatives (low-hanging fruit) that can, within weeks, infuse hope in the organization, boost morale, and improve productivity.
- The step-by-step roadmap to transform a bureaucratic organization into a powerful culture.
- The classic pitfalls and misunderstandings that jeopardize 9 out of 10 culture projects — and how to systematically avoid them.

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