The 10th Marketing and Sales International Conference

The 10th Marketing and Sales International Conference
Date : 2023/06/17 / Visit Count : 223

3-4 August 2023 (12-13 Mordad 1402), Tehran

On the 3th and 4th of August in Tehran, four prominent speakers and professors of marketing and sales introduced and trained sales and marketing managers and organizational sales teams, as well as CEOs of the private sector and entrepreneurs, using the most recent tools and practical solutions for sales, marketing, and branding.

It is highly recommended to attend this two-day educational seminar in light of the current and fragile state of the nation's economy, which has left many organizations and human resource teams frustrated and dejected, as well as rendered their sales situation and future uncertain.

These trainings and lectures can provide sales and marketing teams with a new source of motivation and optimism, as well as effective tools, and increase the positive outlook of organization leaders.
During these two days, being surrounded by 600 of the country's most successful managers can aid in the development of communication, the formation of a potent network of people with ideas and wealth, and the gaining of inspiration from them.

Speaking topics

- Practical solutions to convert consumers into passionate supporters of the organization's products and services.
- Seven effective steps to increase sales and market share in an economic recession.
- Identification and elimination of corporate profit criminals to increase profitability.
- Formulating a distinctive marketing strategy to create differentiation and concentration in intensely competitive markets.
- Leading sales teams and developing solutions for teamwork and team effectiveness, as well as creating synergy in sales.
- Increasing individual efficacy and efficiency in sales by enhancing and developing individuals, setting goals, and boosting individual motivations.

Dr. Carlos Sicario

- The Founder of World Logistics Organization (UTi) With 540 offices globally
- CEO of the renowned Spanish company Emergia with 10,000 employees
- Holds a doctorate in strategic management and teaches at IESE and Notre Dame University.

Dr. Giulio Toscani

- Management Ph.D. from Stockholm University, Sweden
- Lecturer at MIT University
- Expert in artificial intelligence and strategic leadership
- Lecturer at ESADE University in Barcelona
- Lecturer at Pacifico Business School in Peru

Dr. Yiannis Kalogerakis

- International Keynote Speaker
- Anthropocentric Trainer
- JMK Anthropocentric Strategic Leadership & Strategic People Development
- President of the Consultative body of the International Union of Professional Trainers.

Dr. Jonathan Lowe

- Has 30 years of experience providing leadership consulting and training to CEOs of renowned companies.
- With over 25 years of professional and international business experience in executive positions in the Middle East service industry.
- Author of the top sellers "Creating Customer Loyalty" and "Seven Ways to Convert Customers into Fans"

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