The 10th World Management Forum

The 10th World Management Forum
Date : 2018/03/02 / Visit Count : 1265
In the 10th consecutive year, the 10th World Management Forum was held on 1-2 February 2018 with 4 top Speakers from various parts of the world including UK and USA, and 800 top Iranian delegates at the IRIB Conference Center in Tehran.
The most updated methods and procedures on improving customer relations, increasing sales and profitability were provided for the organizations by focusing on fields including customer service, customer experience, customers club, and customer relations management.
The speakers at this forum were some of the world’s most renowned experts within this field; including Nicholas Boothman whose books are known to be the communications bible, the customer relations consultant and sales manager at the world’s most well-known companies, Joseph Sherren, the customer service manager at Zara company, Felix de Itturiaga, and one of the world’s top 100 marketers in Twitter, Marc Gordon.
The top Iranian delegates were taught on the most updated procedures on maintaining constant delivery of exceptional customer service on daily basis, building a customer-centric organizational culture and the ways on conquering customers’ heart and mind.

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