The 7th Intl Conference on Sales and Marketing at Recession

The 7th Intl Conference on Sales and Marketing at Recession
In the 7th consecutive year, the int’l Conference on Sales and Marketing at Recession was held on 19-20 July 2018 with 5 top Speakers and experts in various fields of sales and marketing from different parts of the world including UK, and over 750 top Iranian delegates at the IRIB Conference Center in Tehran.
The speakers at this forum were some of the world’s most renowned experts within this field; including Sandro Forte, the author of “Dare to be Different” with a total sale of 400k in 60 countries and the sales and marketing consultant at Apple, BMW, Microsoft, AXA Insurance and HSBC Bank, Frank Furness, the famous author of “Walking with Tigers” and “Finding new Customers”, Martin Butler, the author of 3 international books in the field of sales and retail, “the Art of Being Chosen”, “It’s Not About Us, It’s All About Them”, John Cremer, an expert in recognizing personality types in sales negotiations and the creator of identifying personalities with the astronomy science, and Quinton Coetzee, one of the most famous personalities at the “Discovery” magazine and TV channel in the field of living in African tribes and making their life examples into success lessons at the recession in today’s business world.
The speakers at the conference provided the most updated information in the field of sales and marketing for the various organizations from different industries by focusing on the Methods of increasing new customers, retaining the existing customers, creating customer loyalty programs, the “Influence Triangle” in sale, identification of seven behavioural indicators in humans, character identification method and the new techniques of pricing at recession.
The top Iranian delegates benefited from the speeches of these international renowned speakers and were taught on the most updated methods on overcoming the economic recession during eight 90-minute sessions.
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