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Cape Town - Johannesburg

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21-28 Jan 2018

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South Africa Intl Study and Business Trip

About South Africa and the Importance of this Int’l Study & Business Trip

With a population of over 55 million people and 11 languages, South Africa is the biggest country in Africa continent. As it is situated in the southern hemisphere, the climate will be at its most pleasurable and comfortable in January (15-30 degree Celsius), when the study and business tour is taking place.

South Africa has experienced an outstanding growth in economy and infrastructure since the downfall of Apartheid regime. Its banking industry is currently among the top 10 industries in the world based on the World Bank and is known as the first Industrial and economic power of Africa continent.

The Tourism industry of South Africa is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and Cape Town is the number one tourist destination in the world based on the TripAdvisor website.

This country has the most and the biggest gold and platinum resources and mines; and is also the world’s number one exporter of coal and iron.

In contrary to many other African countries, the majority of South Africans are white and have Boers' origin, as of Netherlands, because of its colonialism history by Portugal, Netherlands, and England.

South Africa is as of the world’s predominant economic powers “G20” and supplies 40% of the continent’s electricity as well as holding 40% of the continent’s gross domestic product (GDP) and is also a part of the emerging major economic powers, Brics.

This int'l study and business trip will provide the delegates with the opportunity of visiting, benchmarking and learning about the companies’ great successes and developments, industries, and management studies, in an appropriate and pleasurable season.

Tour Benefits

  • Visiting one of the world’s greatest diamond mines and factories
  • Visiting the world’s well-known gold mine and production
  • Visiting Apartheid prisons and Nelson Mandela's solitary cell and private home
  • Visiting Africa's famous Wildlife Park and the management speeches by Mr. Quinton Coetzee, the director and the photographer of the world's wildlife in the field of management and leadership in the style of lions
  • The lecture and the training seminar by the only African astronaut who is one of the richest women in South Africa, Dr. Adriana Marais, in the field of the future and human life in Mars
  • Meeting South African entrepreneurs, businessmen, and the famous managers and executives of "Gibs" university
  • Several seminars and lectures on Nelson Mandela's life lessons, leadership, organizational culture, etc.
  • Flying with Emirates Airlines and staying in luxury 5 star hotels, Hilton and Westin
  • Visiting well-known companies and factories of cosmetics, dairy and MTN telecoms in Africa
  • Dining in the most beautiful and luxurious restaurants in South Africa
  • Having the company of 30 Iranian managers and entrepreneurs and networking opportunities
And many more…
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