Technological Transformations and the Future of Organization

Technological Transformations and the Future of Organization
Date : 2023/12/11 / Visit Count : 136

International Conference "Technological Transformations and the Future of Organizations"
Effective Technologies and Strategies for Building Successful Companies by 2030.
January 11-12 - International Conference Center of IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting)
Antifragility & Agility of Organization’s


Speech Topics:

  • The Future of Businesses - Emerging Technological Opportunities for Establishing Leading Companies
  • Artificial Intelligence and Its Multiple Applications in Organizational Automation and Creating New Opportunities, Challenges, and Threats
  • Adaptability and Change Management - Transformational Strategies and New Innovations in Business Growth and Organizational Transformation
  • Future Studies and Forecasting Methods - Awareness of the Business World and Global Economy by 2030
  • Gray Rhinos - The 7 Shapers of Today's World and How to Think Like a Futurist
  • Navigation and Orientation in the Complex World of Today's Businesses - Agility and Adoptability
  • Familiarity and Awareness of Master Trends Shaping Tomorrow's Business and Economic News
  • A Sociological Perspective on Trends: a) Migration, b) Population Growth, c) Geopolitical Changes, d) Emerging Economic Systems, and e) Technological Forces Shaping and Influencing the Success and Failure of Organizations and Businesses
  • Institutionalizing the New Concept of "Antifragility" and Returning to a Better Position as a Result of Rapid Stress, Transformations, and Complexities in the Business World.



Dr. Pieter Geldenhuys

  • One of the most prominent futurists in the world and the author of the acclaimed book "Headlines from the Future."
  • Professor at the London Business School (LBS) and Duke University in the field of futuresstudies.
  • Deputy Innovation Officer at the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Deputy Strategic Innovations Officer at the esteemed telecommunications company Vodacom.
  • The founder and director of the "Institute of Technological Strategies and Innovation" (ITSI) and Leader of over 150 innovation projects in countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Switzerland, and more.


Prof. Graeme Codrington

  • One of the most prominent futurists in the world and a professor at the London Business School (LBS) and GIBS
  • Author of six bestselling books, including "Leadership in a Changing World" and "Thinking Like a Futurist."
  • lecturer in over 80 countries, conducting more than 3000 international seminars, and has served as a consultant for organizations such as Novartis, Nestle, O2, MTN, Etisalat, and BMW.


Prof. Ray De Villiers

  • Strategic advisor on future strategies for the esteemed pharmaceutical company "AstraZeneca" and the telecommunications group "Vodafone" in the Middle East and Africa.
  • Professor of "Futures Studies" at the renowned Stellenbosch University in South Africa.
  • Advisor on artificial intelligence and big data management for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries' union based in the Philippines.

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