The international seminar on “10 Things and 2 Rings”

The international seminar on “10 Things and 2 Rings”
Date : 2023/12/11 / Visit Count : 118

Monday, October 17 (from 16:00 to 21:00): Tehran | 10 principles and 12 key indicators for a happy relationship "Life is too short not to enjoy a deeply romantic and intimate relationship"

Dr. Gustav Gous:

PhD graduate in International Relations from the University of Geneva
Professor at "Pretoria" and "South Africa" universities
Writer of “Get a Life” and “Happy Marital Relations” books
With 30 years of experience as a consultant in emotional and marital relations
The speaker at more than 100 international seminars in 20 countries

“How to Build a Happy Marriage and Relationship”
10 principles and 2 rings

12 key point indicators (KPI) in marital relations and constructive communications between men and women
Methods of improving relationships on mental, emotional, and sexual levels
A clear outline of either party’s expectations and how to meet them; Management of roles and boundaries
Methods of solving misunderstandings, managing marital crises, and having a happy and romantic marriage
The design of a practical program to create happy relationships and achieve deep affection

A workshop for:

Singles who have doubts about getting married
People with marriage intentions who have been in a relationship for a while
Recently married couples who want to build a genuine, deep bond
Married couples who are dealing with misunderstandings and problems
People who have not been successful in their first marriage and want to make a successful relationship and marriage for the second time

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